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Jill Alvarez

Author, Speaker and Consultant

As an advocate for early years and a passionate champion of early learning, my commitment is to support children, families, and early learning professionals.

Jill is a multifaceted individual, embodying roles as an Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Registered Early Childhood Educator. With a robust educational foundation and extensive experience in engaging with children, families, and early learning professionals,

Jill Alvarez
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Jill Alvarez

Her commitment extends beyond professional endeavors; Jill actively mentors youth and children within her community, reflecting her profound dedication to nurturing the younger generation.

At the core of her philosophy lies a profound belief in leveraging play to enrich children’s learning experiences. Her messages echo the significance of fostering quality interactions and meaningful connections with young minds. Through consultations, training sessions, and workshops, Jill empowers parents, caregivers, and professionals with insights on supporting early literacy and numeracy development in children.

Beyond her career, Jill’s life goal resonates deeply – teach minds, touch hearts, and transform lives.

In the midst of her bustling life, Jill cherishes her role as a devoted mother to three wonderful children who hold a special place in her heart.

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Completed University – Bachelor of Elementary Education. Currently working at the same university after graduation.

Migrated to Canada.

Worked at the Ontario Early Years Centre.

Worked as an Early Literacy specialistWorked as an Early Literacy Specialist.

Worked at Centennial Colleger as a Faculty Supervisor.

Worked as a Early Years Centre Supervisor.

Working at York Region Municipality.

Author, Speaker and Consultant.